On Notice


SPARE Gallery | Marylhurst Univeristy, West Lynn, OR

Part of a collaborative installation with Vicki Lynn Wilson







01. Flourescent Light, Wire, Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable
02. Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable
03. Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable
04. Flourescent Light, Wire, Mixed Media, Dimensions Variable


Feb, 16, 2015

To whom it may concern,

My scientific practice is ambiguous to many people. The legal representation of my employer has insisted that I make clear the purpose of my experimentation. In the interest of full disclosure, I, Dr. Charles Rake, am building a time machine.

To date, my studies have proved inconclusive. If I may speak plainly, this has been an uphill battle as my tools have been limited, however, I know my calculations are sound. When the machine is completed I will transition through a designated portal in the space. While my leap will be a modest one, it will no doubt be one of the greatest achievements known to humankind.

I have taken a leave of absence to conduct my work autonomously to avoid constantly defending the validity of my theories. Marylhurst University has kindly donated me the room to test my methods in the interest of education.

As of January this year I was placed on notice. I have until March 19th 2015 to prove my theory. This is my last chance.

Charles Rake PHD